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Father and Son

About our work

At Close-Knit we share information simply to help parents and caregivers connect with their children, to support parents and to help parent’s understanding of their child’s development . We do this because we know how important this relationship is for the child and their future.  

To develop our resources we listen to the voices of parents and carers, professional expertise, academic research and neuroscience so that the resources we offer are relevant and beneficial to everyone who will use them. We partner with services and organisations to share our resources with families. 

We are based in Middlesbrough in Teesside and our work is currently focused on parents and families in this community, with a vision to expand our resources across the UK and beyond. 

Close-Knit exists for the benefit of families, any profits made go back into the work we do with families.

Our Vision 

'The children of today will grow to be the adults of tomorrow. Our work is important, not only for children right now but for future generations, and has an impact on the whole of society.' 
- Beth Munby, Founder

At Close-Knit we are motivated by our Christian ethos, this means our work flows from our beliefs that people and relationships are important. We want to see improved outcomes for children and families by equipping parents to flourish in their relationship with their child. 

We believe children should be safe, loved and have a sense of belonging within their families.


We want to support children’s emotional and physical needs being met within their families so that children can thrive in life, making the world a better place to live in for everyone. 

We serve and respect everyone whatever their background, beliefs or situation and we will never impose our Christian faith or belief on others.


Our Values

Playing with Baby

We Connect

We want to connect with parents and carers, where they are at…

We Care

We care about children, families and society

Day Care

We Change

We want to help make change in families and society

Family Time

We want to connect with parents and carers, where they are at…

We connect with parents to understand their experiences and what is important to them. 

We help parents connect to their children by equipping them with a deeper understanding of their child’s development and ways in which their relationship with their child can support their child’s development.

We want parents to connect with the information we give. Concepts like attachment and brain development can be hard subjects to understand; we present this information in a simple way with accessible language.

We care about children, families and society…

We care about the lives of children and the role of parents in providing love, belonging and safety for children. 

We care about supporting parents sensitively with compassion and empathy as parenting can be hard work. 

We care about parents having access to uncomplicated resources so they can make informed choices about how to relate to their children. 

We care about the quality of what we produce, ensuring our products are informed by academic research, neuroscience and the experiences of parents and professionals.

We want to help make change in families and society

We want to be a positive influence in how parents relate to their children so they can create a secure attachment with their child. 

We want parents to know it is never too late to make a change in their relationship with their child. 

Research shows children who have secure attachments are more resilient, have good emotional regulation and healthier relationships. 

We want to invest in the parent and child relationship today which in turn will make a change in the society of the future.


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