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 At Close-Knit we share information in simple, accessible ways to help parents and caregivers connect with their children.

Parents, check out our resources


We partner with services and organisations to share our resources with families. Take a look at our products and services and resources for practitioners. 

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Close-Knit Baby Connections Video

Check out an excerpt from our video 

Are you an organisation that works with parents and carers of babies?


Do you want to empower parents to give their children the best start in life?


Do you want to help parents understand the importance of nurture in the first 1001 days and how they can help their baby reach their potential?


Close-Knit has co-produced a video animation with parents and practitioners to help you do that!


Our short and impactful resource was co-produced with parents and practitioners in Teesside and explains brain development in a way that makes sense to parents!

The co-produced video is voiced with local Teesside accents, uses simple accessible language. It is hopeful and non-judgemental, without shying away from the hard stuff.


Parents and carers, do you want to have a close relationship with your child?


Do you want to help your child fulfil their potential? 


Do you want to know ways you can help your baby grow and develop?


Babies don’t come with an instruction manual and being a parent can be hard at times so we want to help you!


Our resources are here to help you on your journey as a parent and to help you understand what you can do to help your child grow to reach their potential!


Take a look at our animated video for parents of babies to support their mental and emotional well-being

Made with parents and practitioners in Teesside

parent well-being video resource

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Our poem ‘How can you help me build my brain?’ is reaching

hundreds of vulnerable families in the North East via The Children's Foundation through their Baby Boxes and Care-experienced new parents in Warwickshire through a Baby Box project with Warwickshire County Council.

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We need your help!


At Close-Knit we are developing resources to help parents of babies.


We want to make sure our resources are helpful for parents and useful for practitioners to share with them. 

To help us make resources that are as relevant and beneficial as possible we want to hear from parents and practitioners, would you like to be involved?.




We create and share resources with and for parents of babies 

We share our resources directly with parents and with organisations who support families 



It's amazing, You understand when times get hard and give that advice on how to deal with it, and for me the advice on how important it is to make sure you look after yourself in order to look after your baby is great! I always forget to drink and rush to eat something. It is so important! You’re to the point and in a way that everyone will understand.


I really think that your approach to co-production is excellent, the sessions are really collaborative, everyone is heard and valued


 It's easy to follow, friendly and down to earth.  I think it will really put new parents at ease knowing that it's not all plain sailing and that it's normal to have good and bad days as a parent. 


The funders who help make our work happen...

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