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The story of Close-Knit

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

About eight years ago my work with young people extended to families, I received training that opened my eyes to just how important the parent and child relationship is for a child’s development and future.

Learning this new information about attachment, brain development and the importance of consistent nurture coincided with me having my own children.

I have found parenting both amazing and challenging. I realised that the information I had learned through my job impacted how I parented my own children and gave me different strategies and tools as well as a new perspective.

I wondered how different things may have been had I not been in the job I was in.

I was privileged to have this information and to be sharing it with parents I was working with, however I started feel strongly that every parent needed this information, not just ones who were asking for help or who were intentionally looking for it.

At Close-Knit we believe this sort of information should be accessible and relevant for every parent and carer. Therefore, we are working on producing a short video animation to explain to parents their role in baby brain development and we want to share this information with parents at the earliest opportunity, pre-birth onwards.

We have started Close-Knit to develop and produce content accessibly for parents and carers to help them connect to their child.

It is our dream that Close-Knit, in partnership with services who support families, can get these important messages out to every parent, impacting children today and the generations to come.

Beth Munby

Founder & Director, Close-Knit

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