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Poem: How can you help me build my brain?
An excerpt from our ‘Baby Connections’ video

More about our 'Baby Connections' video

Our co-produced video uses simple and easy to understand language. It is hopeful and non-judgemental, without shying away from the hard stuff.


The 3.5 minute long video will support your organisation to raise awareness of parents’ role in their baby’s development, aiding prevention, and early intervention. 

Our video will provide your practitioners with a useful tool to educate, empower and connect with parents.


The ‘Baby Connections’ video will help your organisation to align with England’s The best start for life: a vision for the 1,001 critical days policy paper, the NENC’s Core20PLUS5 for both adults and children and young people, the Joint forward plan and LMNS’ Equity and Equality plan. 

Check out an excerpt from our video

Want to know more?

Get in touch here to view the video animation in full and to find out more about how we can support your organisation to help parents give their babies the best start in life. 


 Check out our other products and services to support your staff and the families you work within the first 1001 days here 


Check out our other free resources for you to share with parents and families 

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